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Adam Robinson, CEO of Govplace

I am winding up the first day of ACT/IAC’s Executive Leadership Conference.  This is an annual event that brings together senior leadership from government and industry for 3 days of collaboration, information and idea sharing.  It is really a well put together event.  This year there are 850 attendees including 250 government executives, many of them C level folks.

The dinner presentation tonight was especially interesting.  The keynote was Ed Deseve who is a special advisor to President Obama on the implementation of the stimulus.  A couple of interesting take-aways included: 

$290B of the $787B has been spent or encumbered as of 9/30/09.  This is essentially exactly on plan.

          Much of this was grants to state and local agencies to maintain funding for key initiatives like Medicare.

They expect 70% of it to be spent or encumbered as of 9/30/10 (call that another $260B).  Much of this will be for the larger federal projects.

The current recession as measured by the reduction in payroll dollars is about twice as deep as the 1981, 1990 and 2001 recessions. 

          It has already gone on longer than the 2001 recession. 

          The rate of payroll dollar loss has leveled off, but there has been no noticeable recovery yet.

Overall the presentation was optimistic.  They expect to see the stimulus provide a platform for economic growth over the next few years through societal efficiency gains through things like the smart electrical grid, broadband to rural areas and mass transit.  This is an economic experiment on a scale we haven’t seen before in history, and as a contractor, it was very thought provoking to see it presented by one of the key people tasked with making it work.  Federal fiscal 2010 will be a fascinating year to watch.

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  1. Bill Cooper says:


    Just came across your recent blogs. Congrats on the Rising Star Award going to your director of federal sales!

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