GCN Awards Banquet

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Adam Robinson, CEO of Govplace

A few days ago I attended my first GCN Awards Banquet.  I was very impressed.

We had the opportunity to go, because our VP of Federal, Ryan McCullough was honored as a Rising Star for his work developing performance based contracting solutions and the positive impact that has had on government.

We had a really fun group of co-nominators at our table including 3 current and former CIOs as well as multiple influential industry figures and Ryan’s longtime partner-in-crime Dan Smith.

GCN put together a thoughtful program that honored many industry and government folks who made a difference in the government IT community.  Many really moving missions were honored. One that stood out to me was the U.S. Army Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4), which streamlines medical logistics and care at the front lines.  It makes my heart skip a beat when I think of the solders injured in the line of duty and how they will now have a better chance of survival with systems like this.

It was a great event, a wonderful honor for Ryan and another affirmation of the important work we in government service have the opportunity to contribute to.

Ryan McCullough (center) and Adam Robinson (far right) at the GCN Awards Banquet.

GCN Awards Banquet (the front row from left to right) Dan Smith, Rob Guerra, Ryan McCullough, Patti Titus and Adam Robinson.

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