Why IT Projects Fail

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Jon Fullinwider

Jon Fullinwider

Technology-based projects fail at a rate that is truly alarming. While projects fail in both the private sector as well as the government sector, the rate of failure in government is higher, more visible and results in a higher degree public dissatisfaction as they associate technology-based project failures with a general ineptness of government to be efficient and effective. So why do technology-based projects fail and what can be done to fundamentally improve their likelyhood of success? With over 20 years as the CIO at both the County of Los Angeles and San Diego, I have seen too many failures and as a result, I have developed seven key factors that in and of themselves will cause a project to fail. The first is Executive Sponsorship or more importantly the lack of it! Over the next several weeks, I will discuss the remaining 6 success factors to project success, however, in the interim, I would like to engage you to share your experiences and observations as to what factors are essential to ensuring a project success.

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Jon W. Fullinwider

Chief Information Officer, Retired
County of Los Angeles, California

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Jon Fullinwider served for 11 years as the Chief Information Officer of the County of Los Angeles. Prior to his position with the County of Los Angeles, he served as the Chief Information Officer for the County of San Diego for 9 years where he was responsible for all information and telecommunications-based services in the fifth largest county in the United States. Before entering public service, he spent 12 years with Rockwell International where he held several executive positions providing technology-based solutions to both corporate and government customers.

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