Ryan McCullough on In Depth: More Agencies Collaborating with Vendors

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Ryan McCullough

Ryan McCullough

Ryan McCullough, VP of the Federal Division of Govplace recently appeared on the 1500 AM radio show, In Depth with Francis Rose.

On the radio show, McCullough stated that collaborations between agencies and vendors is increasing, which will ultimately benefit agencies, who will see better contracting.

“I think we are seeing a trend there that’s obviously faster there than at some other [agencies],” Ryan says. “There are a number of groups that are engaging the same kind of strategy that GSA has been talking about. Where I think we’re seeing less of it is on the task order side – the things that are a specific mission requirement being addressed.”

Additional issues discussed  includes cloud computing, data center consolidation, and communication between industry and government.

For more information, and to listen to the audio, go to the 1500 AM In Depth website.

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